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July 5, 2022

Maddison Levi, Mat Rogers & Teagan Levi

Bond Uni Double Act

The surname Levi appears twice on the Commonwealth Videogames Rugby 7s crew list, turning sisters Maddison and Teagan into the brand new faces of the wildly entertaining recreation.

The pair, who have been receiving the AON Ladies’ 7s Sequence for Bond College in the last 12 months as opposed to Griffith College, had to keep their participation a secret until the official announcement of the current roster in Sydney.

Maddi, 20, defined that they discovered that after a practice a few weeks ago, they discovered that they each had a private chat with their coach. Teagan, 18, noticed him first.

“I was actually in the tub when Teagan got here and knocked on the door,” Maddi explained.

“She pulled out this huge envelope and burst into tears. I wasn’t sure if I used to be on the crew, but my main focus was on her. She’s worked so hard and to show the world how good she is is actually fantastic.”

Maddi already has inexperience in sports expertise and gold at a serious global sporting opportunity when she made her Olympic debut in Tokyo in the last 12 months.

“The Olympics were an enormous expertise in their own right, and they were probably the most effective experiences of my life. But to end up going to a Commonwealth video game with my sister is essentially inspiring to me,” said Maddi.

The pair recently performed for Australia at the Oceania Rugby Sevens Championship in New Zealand, where they claimed silver behind the host nation.

Teagan stated that jointly participating in Commonwealth video games is the next step in their burgeoning profession.

“It’s a dream come true,” Teagan said.

“It’s just the beginning of our journey and it’s nice to be named on that crew along with my sister and some of my best friends and I’m in shock nonetheless.”

The pair, who are led by two-time global Mat Rogers, may just be getting ready to play for the Gold Coast Suns in the upcoming AFLW season.

However, the sisters have given up on their Suns’ contracts to pay attention to their old flame: rugby. They all owe their time to the Bond College Bull Sharks for laying the inspiration for his or her success.

“I feel in 2019, when I first cracked the AON, I was 13”e My husband and I had been extremely excited,” said Teagan.

“Seeing how laborious all the educated women were, I positively helped crack the Aussie crew. I think Bond is basically good for anyone trying to crack Sevens.”

Maddi also agreed that the tradition of the college was essential to its improvement.

“After I first discovered I was on the crew, I advised housekeeping and friends, but I also couldn’t wait to inform all the people at Bond who helped us chart our path, as they couldn’t have done the job without them. athletes that we are today. I

Like all siblings, their relationship is under scrutiny, especially as they stay together in Sydney.

“Now we have our hiccups, but we all know after we want our time alone,” Teagan explained.

“I’m already cooking and Maddi is sitting alone, after which we now have our time to ourselves.”

Maddi said it’s like living with her mom.

“I hear from her and I get the advice to do the laundry, much the same as at home.

Asked if they are going to be roomies in Birmingham?

“Not at all,” Maddi said amusingly.

“We haven’t really been roomies on many field trips, but being sisters, I always get the question from Teagan: What are you guys doing? Where are you going? Can I come? We travel together regularly, but it’s good to have our time aside.”

The sister will leave for the UK at the end of this month, with matches starting July 29 in Birmingham.

New Zealand and Fiji threaten as their biggest threat for a gold medal.

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