Buhari says 85 million Nigerians are now registered in NIN database

President Muhammadu Buhari has stated that more than 85 million individuals are registered in the National Identification Number Database.

The president made this known in a statement on Sunday, a year after he stated that 54 million Nigerians have now registered.

Nigeria had struggled for years to establish a credible national database through the NIN, but without success. However, with the new government policy introduced in December 2020 requiring all mobile subscribers to link their SIM card to NIN, many Nigerians are forced to register for the National Identification Number.

We have now registered more than 85 million people in the NIN database. Work continues to leave a credible and robust foundation of digital identity for the security and prosperity of Nigeria. https://t.co/ZiJ332SOu5

— Muhammadu Buhari (@MBuhari) July 17, 2022

What the President Says

The president stated, “We now have more than 85 million individuals registered in the NIN database. The work continues to leave a credible and robust foundation of digital identity for the security and prosperity of Nigeria.”

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The president had previously noted that “the national identification number (NIN) is the basic digital identifier for the country. It will cover one of the weaknesses in our security structure. We will be able to easily identify all Nigerians including the crooks in our midst.

“It is expected that both Nigerian citizens and legal residents will obtain the NIN. It provides access to government services and provides government with useful insights that allow us to use scarce resources more efficiently.”

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What you should know

Nairametrics research revealed that Lagos state has recorded the highest number of enrollments in the country to date with 9.73 million Nigerians imprisoned in the state. This was followed by Kano State, which registered 7.3 million registered NINs. Other states that made it to the top ten in enrollment are Kaduna at 5 million, Ogun at 3.5 million, Oyo at 3.4 million, FCT at 3 million, Katsina at 2.8 million, Rivers at 2.6 million , Delta with 2.3 million, and Niger with 2.2 million. NIMC data shows that 48 million, representing 56% of Nigerians recorded in the NIN database so far, are men, while 37.52 million, or 44%, are women, as enrollment had increased to 85.59 million on July 7, 2022.

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