British Academy Global Professorship Program 2022 (up to £900,000)

The British Academy Global Professorship Program 2022 is now accepting applications.

This program allows mid-career to senior scientists working in any field of the social sciences and humanities and in any country outside the UK to work in the UK for four years.

The Global Professorships are prizes awarded to individuals working in academic institutions. New, coherent and groundbreaking projects should be submitted. The Global Professorships aim to bring significant value to the host universities in the UK and vice versa, therefore the initiatives must be important, resulting in fresh and creative collaborations.

With the Global Professorships, the KNAW hopes to help scientists who propose ambitious applications that go beyond the state of the art. The Global Professorships, according to the Academy, are an opportunity to apply for high-risk, curiosity-driven research in the humanities and social sciences, enabling the winners and their UK host universities to make a significant difference to their research programmes.


Each prize is worth up to £900,000.00 from the Academy.

British Academy Global Professorship Program | Eligibility Criteria

a PhD degree is required from all applicants (or have equivalent research experience). Applicants must be available for unpaid leave, a long-term secondment or employment with a UK institution that meets the requirements. If an applicant’s national environment makes this unclear, the Academy invites them to contact them before submitting their application. The British International Research Institutes are among the eligible institutions. Individuals can only apply for awards that are held in an institutional setting. No co-applicants are allowed. Awards are not retroactive, meaning the job seeking funding must have begun before the award is announced. New research ideas must be submitted that are self-contained and coherent. Applicants must provide written endorsement from a senior member of their intended UK host institution (usually a Pro-Vice-Chancellor or equivalent, or at least the Head of Department/Faculty/Institution). Applicants must appoint an academic referee who is not affiliated with the UK host university or overseas institution where the applicant is located at the time of application, and who is not involved in the research program or other activities submitted with the application. The referee must sign and date the statement, which must be printed on letterhead.

How can you apply for the British Academy Global Professorship Program?

The deadline for applications, decisions from referees/heads of division and existing UK host institution approval is Wednesday 27 April 2022 at 17:00 BST.

Go to this link to apply.

Deadline: April 27, 2022

Visit the British Academy for more information.

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