This article will give you a review of the book “Scary Smart: The Future of Artificial Intelligence and How You Can Save Our World”.


Artificial intelligence outperforms human intelligence. It can digest records at breakneck pace and live focused on a unmarried task with out being distracted. AI can forecast activities withinside the destiny and make use of sensors to go searching bodily and digital corners. So, why does AI get it so incorrect all the time? We are the solution. The algorithms that describe how synthetic intelligence works are created via way of means of people, and the processed records represents a less than excellent reality. Is this a signal that we’re doomed? Scary Smart, via way of means of Mo Gawdat, the global famous writer of Solve for Happy, solutions this trouble and demonstrates what we will all do proper now to teach ourselves and our machines on a way to stay higher. No one is higher certified than Mo Gawdat to provide an explanation for how the Artificial Intelligence of the destiny works, given his greater than thirty years of enjoy running on the bleeding fringe of generation and his earlier task as Google [X]’s pinnacle industrial officer.


AI can be one thousand million instances smarter than people via way of means of 2049. Scary Smart discusses a way to accurate the existing direction nowadays for AI withinside the destiny so that it will shop the human species. This ee-e book presents a roadmap for what we will do to shield ourselves, our cherished ones, and the arena as a whole. Mo Gawdat stated that generation is putting our humanity in jeopardy on a never-before-visible scale. This ee-e book isn’t supposed for code writers or policymakers who declare so that it will govern it. This is the ee-e book you’ve been searching for. Because, agree with it or not, you’re the best one that can remedy the problem.


Mo Gawdat is a serial entrepreneur and the writer of the best-promoting Scary Smart and Solve for Happy. Mo has cofounded over twenty businesses in industries which include fitness and fitness, meals and beverage, and actual estate. In the Middle East and Eastern Europe, he sat at the forums of many technology, fitness, and fitness, and patron merchandise firms, in addition to numerous authorities technology and innovation forums. At any given time, he advises dozens of start-ups.


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