Best Toys and Gadgets for Kids of 2022 from Lego to Scalextric

Whatever your age, you’ll want to play with this (Photo: Lego/ Scalextric/

This year, toys take a trip down memory lane with plenty of nostalgic favorites getting a makeover in 2022.

Lego and Super Mario join forces, Scalextric has created a mini Knight Rider and all your favorite board games are now on a touchscreen table.

But there are also some more modern inventions, from a mindfulness mouse for the little ones to a space age that can do just about anything.

Plus, you can even make your own hybrid car engine – complete with over 100 parts to assemble. Sounds easy… right?

Lego Super Mario 64 Question Mark Block

Super Mario and Lego? It’s the nostalgic party we’ve been waiting for (Picture: Lego)

The wonderful worlds of Super Mario and Lego collide with this old-fashioned walk through memory.

Beneath that iconic 2064-piece exterior are microfig-scale scenes from Super Mario 64, including Bob-omb Battlefield and Peach’s Castle.

Buy for £149.99 from Lego.

Infinity Game Table

All your favorite board games are just a touch away (Picture: Megan Thompson)

Bringing board games into the 21st century, this cool coffee table features touchscreen versions of classics including Hungry Hungry Hippos, Snakes and Ladders and Monopoly.

With WiFi added, you can now argue with your family in person and online

Buy for £899 from Game.

Photo Creator Instant Camera

Instant prints with lots of creativity (Photo: Included)

This compact camera takes instant prints down to the tiniest fingertips, complete with over 20 filters/effects, video recording, a shutter timer for group shots and a selfie lens.

For a more personal touch, highlighters and stickers can be found in the box.

Buy for £69.99 from Amazon.

Build your own pinball machine

Forget arcade machines and digital games, this DIY version is made from cardboard (Photo: Build Your Own)

Made almost entirely from cardboard, this eco-friendly DIY version of one of the oldest traditional arcade games will provide hours of table fun while doing your bit for the planet.

Buy for £19.99 from Build Your Own.

Scalextric Knight Rider – KITT

The iconic car gets a mini makeover for its 40th birthday (Picture: Scalextric)

One of the most iconic fictional cars in the world gets a mini slot machine makeover for its 40th birthday.

It may not talk, but it comes with a working red strobe light and serious amounts of nostalgia.

Buy for £53.99 from Scalextric UK.

Squeakee The Interactive Balloon Dino Toy

We can’t remember when balloon animals were this cool (Picture: Included)

Half balloon, half prehistoric beast, this dino-flavored successor to the hugely popular balloon dog brings in more interactivity in the form of chew, roar and break dance functions, to join in the fake balloon-related fun.

Buy for £24.99 from Argos.

Spacetalk Adventurer Watch

Fun and freedom for children, safety for parents (Photo: Spacetalk)

With 4G, GPS tracking, a camera, SOS function, pre-approved contacts and School Mode to avoid distractions, this all-in-one watch gives kids the freedom they crave and parents the peace of mind they want.

Buy for £159 (+ £3.99 p/m) from Amazon.

Fisher Price Meditation Mouse

Even little ones can focus on their well-being (Picture: Included)

This cute and cuddly critter introduces little ones to the world of mindfulness and offers guided meditation during the day, while encouraging them to put on their ‘Om’ at bedtime for a more relaxed sleeping environment.

Buy for £29 from Amazon.

Hybrid engine by machine factory

Kids ages 10 and up can try this tech experiment (Photo: Included)

Ever wondered how hybrid cars work? Now you can build your own miniature engine.

Taking up the challenge will require you to assemble 100 parts using the very detailed manual.

Buy for £39 from Menkind.

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