See the highest-paying positions in Canada for 2023.

See the highest-paying positions in Canada for 2023.

Canadian employees make an average yearly wage of roughly $50,000, however this varies by province, according to Statistics Canada. Naturally, factors like gender, color, and age have a significant influence on earnings as well as industry. The top paid positions in Canada for 2023 are given below.

For obvious reasons, workers are more anxious than ever about their health and safety.

Wages are obviously the most crucial factor since the present economic environment is also having a very negative influence on people’s financial situation.

Wage expectations have also been impacted by the epidemic. In 2022, employers anticipate a 3% increase in pay, according to a poll by Willis Towers Watson.

Additionally, COVID-19 has made it clear that vital employees, such as those in the retail or health care sectors who keep the nation going throughout the epidemic, may not be receiving enough pay. Although many provinces and organizations have implemented bonuses, hazard pay, and increases, it is unclear how significant a shift this will ultimately be.

There are certain professions that typically pay greater earnings, as is the case for many of the positions mentioned below, despite the fact that the epidemic has had a significant influence on the labor market, the effects of which won’t be seen for years.

(The pay browser provides the majority of wage estimates each year.)

Top of the list of occupations in Canada with the highest salaries in 2022. In general, surgeons and doctors make between $236,000 and $676,000 a year.

Despite being one of the most industrialized nations in the world, Canada has less physicians per capita than nations like Austria or Norway.

Therefore, there is a huge need for physicians!

It’s also a rigorous and high-risk occupation; more of a lifestyle than a profession. Before earning a medical degree, doctors—especially surgeons—must complete years of study.

Working in healthcare right now is very difficult with COVID-19 still raging (especially with anti-vaccine and anti-mask protests in hospitals across Canada).


The typical attorney income is around $302,000; location and field of practice have a significant influence on pay. Like becoming a doctor, being a lawyer requires years of experience (about 5 or 6 years).


Judges are another legal profession with incomes ranging from $198,000 to $568,000 annually.

Judges have a lot of responsibility and legal knowledge, which makes logical given that they are responsible for making important judgments. For consideration for an appointment, attorneys must have at least 10 years of experience.

the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Financial Officer, and Chief Marketing Officer (CFO)

It should come as no surprise that leadership positions like this often pay well! Depending on the size of the organization, average wages range from $250,000 to more. While every employee in a firm is important, C-level management is often in charge of making risky choices that might significantly affect the business.


It’s obviously a demanding job since the pilot is directly in charge of the passengers’ safety. The yearly salary for pilots is around $178,000 on average. Since they will be in control of a metal box that soars thousands of feet in the air, pilots must undergo extensive training. As a result, they will be among Canada’s best paid employment in 2023.

Deputy Corporate President

Corporate VP is another of the best paid positions in Canada for 2022. This leadership position is another well-paying vocation, much like the C-Suite position that was previously stated. Vice presidents often earn $126,000 annually (according to Again, the amount of this pay might vary greatly depending on the size of the organization.
Scientists in data

For 2023, one of the best paid careers in Canada will be data scientist.

Anyone who can use data well is a highly valuable player. Data is gold. In general, technical professions are in great demand, and a variety of jobs in this industry may pay rather well. For instance, according to Y-Axis, an IT manager typically earns roughly $200,000 per year.

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