30% of all Irish online purchases are made through the mobile app

Research by Digital Insights shows that consumers prefer search engines over targeted ads


Lorraine Higgins, Digital Business Ireland

Nearly one in three (30%) of all Irish online purchases to date in 2022 were via a mobile application. This is according to new Digital Insights research commissioned by Ireland’s largest representative body for online businesses, Digital Business Ireland (DBI).

The survey was commissioned by DBI and conducted by leading opinion polling agency Ireland Thinks. It is based on a nationally representative sample, collected from a pool of more than 30,000 panel members.

The survey surveyed the online shopping behavior of the Irish public and showed that Irish consumers particularly prefer search engines such as Google to targeted advertising. The findings were then assessed across a wide range of demographics – gender, income level, age and regional distribution.


One of the key findings is that the Digital Insights survey shows that more than two-thirds of the population has made an online purchase so far by 2022 and that 30% of all online purchases have been made through a mobile application.

It found that younger generations were not only more inclined to buy goods and products online, but also to buy goods through social platforms such as TikTok

DBI said the research demonstrates the need for companies of all sizes to invest in and prioritize Search Engine Optimization (SEO), paid search and Google shopping when marketing their brand and products.

“Our Digital Insights series provides a much-needed look at Irish consumers’ prevailing views on online shopping,” said Lorraine Higgins, Secretary General of Digital Business Ireland. “With over two-thirds of our panelists making an online purchase so far this year, the sheer dominance of the e-commerce market has never been more tangible.

“Google continues to be the most popular purchasing channel for consumers, who appreciate the convenience and reliability of the search engine. To capitalize on this trend, businesses need to harness the full power of Google ad and marketing campaigns to ensure they drive consistent, high-quality traffic to their website and turn that engagement into online sales.”

Higgins continues: “In terms of emerging patterns, our research shows that younger generations in particular are more likely to purchase goods through platforms such as TikTok, as opposed to other cohorts. We are unlikely to see a reversal in this trend, so businesses will need a strong social media presence to access this customer base.”

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