2024 Brings Zen 5-Based “Granite Ridge”

As part of AMD’s Financial Analyst Day 2022, it has given us a peek at the company’s desktop client CPU roadmap as we move forward to 2024. As we already know, AMD’s latest 5nm chips based on Ryzen 7000 will be family is expected to launch in Fall 2022 (later this year), but the big news is that AMD has confirmed that their Zen 5 architecture will come to client desktops sometime before the end of 2024 as AMD’s “Granite Ridge” chips. .

At Computex 2022, at AMD’s Keynote presented by CEO Dr. Lisa Su, AMD unveiled its Zen 4 core architecture using TSMC’s 5 nm process node. Despite AMD not announcing any specific SKUs at this event, AMD revealed some expected performance metrics that we could expect to see with the release of Ryzen 7000 for desktop. This includes 1MB per core L2 cache, double the L2 cache per core with Zen 3, and a 15% improvement in single-threaded performance.

AMD 3D V-Cache coming to Ryzen 7000 and beyond

An important thing to note with AMD’s updated client CPU roadmap, it highlights a bit more about what to expect with its Zen 4 core, which is built on TSMC’s 5nm node. AMD expects 8-10% IPC gains over Zen 3, on top of their previously announced clock speed gains. As a result, the company expects single-threaded performance to improve by at least 15%, and even more for multi-threaded workloads.

Meanwhile, AMD’s 3D V-Cache packaging technology will also come to client desktop Zen 4. AMD is keeping further information close to their chests, but their current roadmap makes it clear that we should at least expect a successor to the Ryzen 7 5800X3D.

AMD Zen 5 For Client Desktop: Granite Ridge

The updated AMD client CPU roadmap to 2024 also gives us a time frame of when to expect the next generation of Zen 5 cores. Built on what AMD calls an “advanced node” (i.e. 4nm or 3nm), Zen 5 for client desktops will be Granite Ridge.

After two years, AMD offers no further details beyond what they’ve said so far about the overall Zen 5 architecture. So while we know Zen 5 involves a significant rework of AMD’s CPU architecture, with a focus on the front-end and breadth of the problem, AMD doesn’t share anything about the Granite Ridge family or related platform in particular. So sockets, chipsets, etc. are all up in the air.

But for now, AMD’s entire focus is on the Zen 4 based Ryzen 7000 family. The launch is slated for this fall and 2022 should end at a peak for the company.

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