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Learn Django by Building a Social Media Web Application From Scratch


Python Django Full Social Media Course



About this course


In this course, you’ll learn Django from the basics using the project-based approach. You will learn how to build a social media web app where a user can interact with other people.


Why Django?

Django is one of the most popular python frameworks. If you know python, and you are interested in web development, then Django is the best choice for you. Lot’s of developers and companies choose to use Django because of it is an high level framework which allows you to build complex applications quickly. There are various companies who use Django as part of their tech stack, some of them are Instagram, Spotify, Mozilla and lots more. Still contemplating on learning Django? Just go for it.

All the concepts in this course are thought in great depth. There is a total of 22 lectures in this course, in which 20 of that is actual teaching. The source code to the full project is also available in the course which you can use easily get the code to everything we are going to build. All lectures are explained thoroughly to make you easily understand how to work with the Django framework, and the aim of this course is for you to be able to build your own projects with the knowledge you’ve learnt.


Who this course is for:

  • Python developers curious about web development



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