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Master the Theory and Application of Algorithms and Data Structures to Excel in Programming Contests


Competitive Programming



Ready to take your programming skills to the next level? In this course, which will help both novice and advanced programmers alike, you will dominate the algorithms and data structures necessary to do well in contests and to gain a competitive edge over other candidates in software interviews.

There are many tricks which are gained through experience and competitive programmers have a sixth sense when it comes to breaking problems down into the building blocks that make up a solution and which many are reluctant to share. Here I will let you in on the techniques and the applications that are useful for the field, focusing on real problems and how they are solved, while giving you an intuition on what is going on under the hood and why these ideas work.


From dynamic programming to graph algorithms and backtracking, you will get to practise and feel confident about many topics, learning advanced concepts such as union-find disjoint sets, tries and game theory without feeling lost, and to apply new content as soon as you learn it, with over 100 suggested problems, both from past olympiads and online judges and some created by me specifically for this course. All of them come with detailed solutions. With this course, you will be ready to participate in online contests and informatics olympiads, and will have the experience necessary to continue advancing in this field. Are you ready to take this big step in your journey?

Who this course is for:

  1. Students and engineers wishing to delve into competitive programming, diving into the details and soaring up the rankings
  2. Developers with a desire to master algorithms to succeed in technical interviews
  3. High school students with a passion for Mathematics interested in seeing algorithms applied to technology
  4. Anyone interested in gaining insights and learning the details of algorithms and data structures




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